Artists of the Gallery – Retrospective
February 01 – November 26, 2023

Artists of the Gallery – Retrospective

The Arté gallery cum restaurant in Lugano was opened in 2002 with the intention to present its guests not only with the culinary art but also with the fine arts, mainly represented by sculptures and kinetic objects.
Already in 2012 a retrospective was opened in which all 21 artists who had exhibited there over the previous ten years were given an additional opportunity to show more recent works.

In a new retrospective – this time spread over two years – more works by the 17 artists who have exhibited during the last 10 years will be presented:
2022 – Heinrich Bobst, Annalù Boeretto, Markus Graf, Roland Hotz, Valérie Lebrun, Yoshiyuki Miura, Wilhelm Münger, Urs-P. Twellmann.
2023 – Nag Arnoldi, Markus Daum, Thomas Duttenhoefer, Gianni Guidi, Fabricio Loschi, Ivo Soldini, Fabian Vogler, Piero Zambuto, Sergio Zanni.

Arté Galleria e Ristoranti al lago del Grand Hotel Villa Castagnola
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